How Self-Storage Sparks Joy

Though we do get busy helping our tenants with self-storage solutions, it doesn’t necessarily mean we haven’t kept up on what’s trending. We’re amazed to see how people have taken to Marie Kondo’s method of tidying home space. It’s a unique way to spring clean, parsing the task into different categories for clothes, books, kitchen and other rooms. 

While everybody has an opinion on the effectiveness of KonMari, we wondered how using self-storage could apply. The clothes folding techniques seem helpful from a self-storage standpoint, for example, but is there more to consider?

As we understand this practice of tidying up, the idea is to sort through personal belongings to determine what “sparks joy,” or what items remain must-haves at home, now and in the future. Search the comments and you’ll find some are reluctant to simply fill bags with stuff for donation. Some things spark memories, which in turn bring the joy, even if space at home is an issue.

Ultimately, you are the one who decides when it is time to let go of certain possessions for good. If you find some clothes, books, or mementos end up in a “maybe” pile, that is the time to consider self-storage.

Self-storage, regardless of unit size, is an essential tool in an ongoing tidying up process. The extra space provides a secure, temperature-controlled place for items of monetary and sentimental value. If your tidying work happens before a big transition – a move to a new home, a child leaving for college – self-storage provides the room you need to keep your “maybe” boxes until it’s time to bring them back.

At Eden Way Storage Center, our goal is to help anyone in Chesapeake find the right self-storage solution. Whether you need a small unit to hold seasonal decorations or a larger space for a boat or car, we’re here to help give you room to breathe. Contact us today about current availability and our $1 first month’s rent special.