Tips for Proper Refrigerator Storage

Did you know November 15th is National Clean out the Fridge Day? For some of us, November 15th of last year may have been the last time we took the task to heart. If true, this year one may discover some interesting new colors and aromas coming from the veggie crisper.

Now, it’s not our business to tell you what to keep in your refrigerator and what should stay or be tossed. However, if you need to put a fridge in self-storage in the Chesapeake area, Eden Way Storage Center should be your first call. We offer a variety of climate-controlled, secure storage units designed to hold large furniture and appliances. If you have an extra fridge following a move to an apartment with a furnished kitchen, or plan to scale down but aren’t ready to sell the extra refrigerator you kept in the utility room, self-storage is the answer.

Before you bring it over, it’s important to prepare your fridge for however long it will stand unused:

  • Clean it out! This should go without saying, but you want to make sure you not only remove all food and containers, but that you thoroughly clean the bins, shelves and racks. You don’t want any residue growing mold or causing other problems.
  • Wait before you store. After cleaning and defrosting the freezer section, it’s best to wait a few days before you move it. Your refrigerator will need time to dry completely before storage.
  • Store your refrigerator upright. A refrigerator stored in any other position may result in damage to the compressor. If you intend to reuse or sell, stand it upright in your unit.
  • Keep the door wedged open. This is a good way to prevent moisture from collecting inside your fridge and eventually causing mildew. Use a small block of wood to keep the door pried open, and for added protection you can set an opened box of baking soda on a shelf.

If you have questions about available Chesapeake self-storage and how to prepare furniture and other items for long-term safekeeping, Eden Way Storage Center is here to help. You may even qualify for our first month for $1 special and other discounts. Contact us today to learn more.