What Stays, What Goes

Most people who come to Eden Way Storage Center have a plan ready when they rent one of our Chesapeake self-storage units. Storage is a necessity for people with little to no spare space at home, and if you’ve rented from us in the past you likely knew what you were going to put away. It’s not so easy for everybody, though. How many times have you cleaned out a closet, unable to decide if something should stay or be moved?

While self-storage is an optimal solution for ridding your home of clutter, it’s important that you get the most out of your unit. Space occupied by things you neither need nor want anymore is wasted space. You can donate usable items to charity or have a yard sale, and use the room for things you will need in the future. All you have to do is decide what stays and what goes.

Easier than it sounds. We get it. Some stuff – a childhood toy, the sweater that doesn’t fit, the dishes that Mom passed down to you – has sentimental value. Your excuse may be to save family treasures for the children and grandkids, but do they see the same value in these items? It seems like a waste to hold onto something the next person in your family will toss.

If you’ve come to this crossroad with some belongings, regardless of whether or not you’re preparing a box for storage, ask yourself these questions:

Am I going to make use of this in the next three to six months? For seasonal decorations, consider if they’ll remain in good shape at the next appropriate holiday.

Is this something I can easily replace? Do you hang onto small clothes that don’t fit on the hope they will again, or larger clothes for “just in case” moments? You might consider donating them instead. As for books and records no longer in print, you might want to keep them to enjoy later.

How much did this originally cost? You may be more inclined to store furniture or electronics that would cost hundreds of dollars to replace.

With certain belongings, you’ll tell immediately if they’re not “self-storage worthy.” The gifts from loved ones, the first major purchases, and the sentimental possessions will test your willpower. Whatever you decide to stow away from home, Eden Way Storage Center has the perfect climate-controlled unit for your needs. Give us a call today for availability.