Equipment Storage in Chesapeake, VA

equipment-storage-chesapeake-va-300x201When looking for safe and secure equipment storage in Chesapeake, consider stopping by Eden Way Storage Center. Eden Way offers a great variety of self-storage units that are clean and temperature controlled.

Why Choose Self-Storage for Equipment

  • Adjust storage space – Self-storage units vary in size. You can always add more space when needed. You don’t need to pay for the extra space, and the space can be added when you need extra storage.
  • Rent for a short period of time – Most warehouses have at least one year rental agreements. With Chesapeake Storage Center you have a variety of short and long term renting options.
  • Get free security monitoring – Most of the companies in Chesapeake have to pay extra for security monitoring. When renting storage with Eden Way Storage Center, you get the security monitoring for free.
  • Free extras – Get even more at no charge! Chesapeake Storage Center offers free moving truck, free dollies, free coffee and water, and so much more!
  • You don’t need a big warehouse – with a storing unit in Chesapeake you can save money on renting a warehouse for your inventory. Pay only for the place you need and save!

Get the most of your equipment storage in Chesapeake. Rent a climate controlled unit that is clean, safe and secure! Contact our professional and highly trained personnel to find the best option for you and your business. Ask us about our ongoing storage specials and discounts. Contact Chesapeake Storage Center today!