Long & Short Term Self Storage

There are many reasons why people choose to rent a self storage unit, from going on deployment to moving to a different state for a period of time. The self storage units can be rented with a short term contract or month-to-month to accommodate everyone’s needs.

  • Military Storage – If you are in the military, and need to leave for a period of several months, self storage is a good option to keep your belongings safe until you come back. You can store anything from your books to your car in the self storage unit.
  • College Storage – When you are in college, and going home for the summer, you often have a lot of personal things to carry home with you. Some may even need to be mailed. Rent a storage unit for the summer without the hassle of moving all your stuff home and back.
  • Vehicle Storage – Store your car for any period of time to keep it safe and secure. Protect it from extreme weather, sun and rain by storing it in self storage.
  • Business Storage – Store your business tools, equipment and merchandise in a convenient, safe and secure storage unit in Chesapeake. Save time and money, and get the best deal on self-storage units with Eden Way Chesapeake Storage Center.

No matter what your reason for renting a self storage is, our Chesapeake storage center has the safe and secure units for all your needs. Contact us at 757-413-9050 or visit us today!